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In  the  heart  of  the  growing vibrant scene  in Hackney Wick ,  a  balanced  life  will  provide  a  diverse  variety  of  alternative therapies and alternative therapy counselling to  help  you  explore,  and  expand the  true  possibilities of  inner  peace  within  your  life.

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To  book any  of  our  therapies   in  advance  or to  find  out  more  please   email  enquires.balancedlife@gmail.com 

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Reiki,  Massage,  Meditation,  Alternative Therapies, Art Therapy,  Gong  Baths,  HeartMath .

If you would like more information please contact us: enquires.balancedlife@gmail.com

Therapists & Therapies

Kevin Hempsted


Kevin Hempsted has over thirty years of experience in running his own business and thirteen years of experience working within the addiction field. Kevin has specialist experience in counselling bereaved people with complex needs. He has spent the last thirteen years facilitating, attending and training on personal growth and development workshops internationally.  Kevin is currently also co-facilitating men's groups for survivors of sexual abuse, and will also be providing meditation and group work sessions.

Rachael Welford


Rachael is the founder of Welford Wellbeing. She is a motivational speaker, mental health advocate, and holistic therapist.Her knowledge comes from actual life experience as well as her training. Rachael offers a personalised and holistic approach using tools such as meditation, EFT, Reiki and Sound therapy to help you to understand your emotions, reactions, and patterns and move forward in life with ease.

Rachael will proving Gong Bath sessions and group work. 

Abi Adams


I use  movement mentoring, wellbeing coaching and holistic practices to guide women through challenging moments in their lives, so they can be present, live well and unleash their potential. I cultivate personal growth, emotional development and equip my clients with the tools they need for change.Using a bespoke blend of yoga, kinesiology, bioenergy and physical movement, and menstrual cycle awareness, I work on an intimate level with each client harnessing the power of motion to transform their thinking – and empower their lives.

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Tom Enright

Tom  is  a  Body  Work  Specialist  and  a  Reiki  Master.  His  outstanding  knowledge  and  insight  allows  him  to  work  on  a  deep  level  with  trauma  and  stress  held  within  the  body.

Available Tuesday’s from July 2019

To  book  a  consultation  with  Tom  please  email  enquires.balancedlife@gmail.com

Upcoming Events


Reiki Activated Gong Bath 21st June 2019 19.00-20.30

Do you find it hard to meditate? 

Maybe you find it hard to switch off and relax? 

If your mind churns things over and won't give you peace, this is the event for you. 

Laying down under a blanket, you need not do anything but focus on your breath. The sound will take you on a meditative journey, it's a bit like getting a big hug from the universe. 

You're bathed in the sounds (hence the name gong bath) which vibrate through your body; resetting your nervous system (aiding sleep and feelings of being safe), preventing inflammation in the body, inhibiting the stress and pain response, as well as having a positive effect on your heart and respiratory rates. 

People often report deep meditative and peaceful states, clarity of mind, and deeper connections to their intuition as well as peaceful sleep, following a gong bath. 

Join us and see for yourself. 

** Concession spaces available - email rachael@welfordwellbeing.com


Upcoming Events


Evolutionary Women An Introduction To Understanding Your Hormones & How To Support Them

Evolutionary Women

An introduction to understanding your hormones and how to support them 

Friday 14th June, 7pm - 9pm

A Balanced Life, Hackney Wick

How does feeling inspired by your body sound?  

Would you like to know more about what’s happening under your skin and how you work? Is it time for you to invest in your body and give it the mental, physical and emotional strength it needs to live life?

Please join Abi Adams, the Movement Coach (aka The Soulful Coach), for this introductory workshop on how to understand your menstrual cycle for your all round health and wellbeing. Do you suffer with menstrual cycle symptoms of body pain, emotional overwhelm, fatigue, and anxiety?

Abi will guide you into understanding what is happening throughout your monthly cycle, offering tools of focused breathing, yoga, movement and meditation, as well as giving space for any questions or exploration that arises during the workshop.

You will learn about the 4 stages of your cycle and how to chart it, being able to acknowledge emotions before you react with them, how the hormones work, the use of the purest essential oils for easing stress, and some basic ideas for exercise around each stage.

Attending this workshop will create a better relationship with your body, enable you to handle your emotions, and how you can support your hormones for greater wellbeing.

I actually think it’s great for post menopausal women who are looking to heal their relationship with their womb and menstrual cycle.  What I would like to do is talk to the woman before the workshop so she understands how to roll with it.  Menopausal women can still cycle!  It’s beautiful as you use the New moon as your start point.  We think we can’t cycle anymore which is what causes such distress to our mental, physical and spiritual wholeness.  We feel isolated from life and therefore creativity gets thwarted.  But we can cycle until the day we die because we are prat of nature and in fact help create nature so will always be integral to the flow of life, just like man.  We are all equal in this regard.

The investment for this workshop is £25 per person (Only 10 spaces available).



Deep Tissue, Sports Therapy Massage, available on Tuesday’s From July 2019


To book please email enquires.balancedlife@gmail.com.

This  therapy  brings an opportunity  to  work  on  a  deeper level  with  the  trauma   and  stress  held within  the  body.

Available every  Tuesday  9am to 6pm  commencing  July.